Your Strategy to Answer This Common Question

It’s one question almost every job seeker is bound to hear at least once during interview rounds: “Can you tell me about yourself?” In our Emporio Solutions, Inc. recruitment process, we’ve observed that for some people it can be challenging to describe their lives, work, and passions. We thought we might share a simple strategy to remember when interviewing:

  • Provide a Concise Career Overview: Candidates should think about brief synopses of their careers to date and their overall skills. Consider this like an elevator speech. In two minutes, describe your expertise in a way that keeps the hiring manager interested in learning more. It’s best to tailor this overview for the type of position in question.


  • Hit on Some Key Accomplishments: Of course, candidates can’t simply say they’re experts in a particular field without some backup. Therefore, it’s important to have one or two relevant accomplishments to highlight. It’s best to decide on achievements with specific results or that a prospective employer would value.


  • Wind Up With Career Goals: We make professional development a priority within Emporio Solutions, Inc.’s culture. Therefore, we take note of the career goals our candidates share during their interviews with us. We want them to align with the pathways we can offer.


Part of our mission at Emporio Solutions, Inc. is to provide people with career opportunities that will take them further. Follow us on Twitter for more insights like these.